About Us

Our brand Stern Austria was first introduced  in the year 1998.

We produce and sell a full range of power and gardening tools, which do not abstain modern design, and provide great functionality and quality combined with a reasonable price.

Due to our commitment to good quality and splendid customer service, within a decade, our products emerged to one of the most popular brand for DIY-power tools in the eastern european market.

All of our tools are tested by neutral and independent service enterprises (T√úV, GS to name just a few), which guarantee, that all international standards, requirements, specifications and country laws are fulfilled. The accuracy of the above mentioned tests is confirmed and certified by those.

The better the tool, the easier the work. therefore the frequent research of our engineers in coorperation with our costumer-service has helped us to enhance our products steadily, to make your home & garden improvement safer and more productive.

For heavy duty work we highly recommend to check out our semi-professional tool line Stern Austria Performance.

We take pride in our outstanding reputation, whatever you want to build and improve, Stern Austria® is the first choice.